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I am a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor, and a Clinical Nutritionist
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Fitness Pro, Founder

Jessica has been in the fitness Industry for 25 years. She has worked with many individuals personal taining, group training, fitness classes from Booty work, HIIT workouts, barre, Pilates, and yoga, to helping clients lose weight through proper nutrition and mind set. She is passionate about helping people feel great in their own skin!


Jessica Janc has been a part of the Fitness Industry since 1992. She attended the University of Utah where she studied Exercise Sports Science with an emphasis on Nutrition. She has been a certified Aerobic Instructor for just over 22 years. Jessica became ACE certified in Personal Training while attending the U of U and personal trained for 7 years. Although she loved personal Training her clients, she did find that she was getting frustrated with them not listening to her Nutrition Advice. They would train with her but eat whatever they wanted and come back frustrated that they weren’t getting the results that they had paid for.

In 1998 Jessica was offered a spot on Fit TV with the Infamous Tamilee Webb. This allowed her to move to sunny San Diego where she continued to mentor under Tamilee for years. She continued to teach fitness classes and dabbled in real estate a bit but knew her true passion was still fitness and nutrition.

Jessica started working with Ultrafit Nutrition Systems for 6yrs and was mentored under Cindy Whitmarsh. After having her twins, she decided to start her own business, Body and Soul Health & Wellness. She was then certified by the National Association of Sports Nutrition. Jessica gained 65 lbs while pregnant with her twins and started working with other moms trying to lose their post-baby weight. This led to working with many moms, families, and children on all-around better eating. She also started working with high school and college runners and triathletes to improve their performance.

In 2008 Jessica opened her own Coffee and Smoothie Cart, Blendz on the Go, inside of the lobby of Pure Fitness Sporting Club. This was a wonderful way to start incorporating food on the go for her clients.

In 2011 Jessica was offered the dream job to work as the Nutrition Director at Premier Fitness Camp. While working for PFC she was able to get her Clinical Nutrition License through The Natural Healing Institute and trained in Live Blood Analysis to see if her clients were digesting their food.

Today, Jessica is back to working with clients out of her home or virtually, and working with corporations educating them about good nutrition and helping her clients to change their eating habits for good. She is hoping to get people to think of this as a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix and get them off the Fad diet train! Jessica believes that Nutrition is 80% of what your body is going to look and feel like. Her motto: “You cannot out-train a bad diet!” She teaches, lives, and breathes this!


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