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Our environment is toxic! From the food that we eat that has pesticides, to the air quality, the ingredients we use on our skin and the toxicity in our cleaning supplies, our bodies can’t help to be toxic. Our liver naturally filters out a lot of these toxins on its own but when someone is in really bad air quality or has been eating really poor quality food for awhile, it gets harder for the body to remove these toxins on its own. These toxins can find a home in your fat cells and help them to grow! This is why a cleanse is great to do for the body. Not only will it help rid the body of these harmful toxins but it will also kick start your healthy eating plan by getting rid of sugar cravings, salt cravings, and get you ready to eat good quality food! Try this 9 day cleanse to give your health a healthy kick start! Then go straight to another menu plan like the balanced menu plan to continue your healthy eating!

9 Day Detox Menus

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